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Since beginning our journey in 2015, with a simple image editing application, our mission has always been to create SaaS applications that are intuitive and easy to use. By offering freemium plans, we also want to unlock the power of our tools to anyone with a web browser. That means we not only have to care about the user experience but also scalability.

  • Value in Simplicity

    Our users have busy schedules. We strive to find simple and pragmatic solutions to complex problems. That is our secret sauce for delighting our customers.

  • Set Big Goals

    We believe in setting big goals and relentlessly pursuing them. Audacious goals get us out of the bed in the morning, make us want to hustle, and motivate us.

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Our Culture

We are able to grow and make a name for our company because we function as a team. Our company culture defines who we are as a team. It defines what we value and wants to create more of. Hopefully, they’ve also made TransMedia a pleasant place to work for as well. These are some of the cultural values that we are willing to sacrifice for.

Be Good to Others

We want to create a workplace where we help each other grow and feel accepted. Working at TransMedia builds a camaraderie that extends beyond work. That means listening and respecting your ideas while providing constructive criticism when needed.

Think Customer-First

We are fortunate to get feedback from thousands of users on a monthly basis. We actively listen to our users to make sure they are satisfied with our products. That means our roadmap as well as day-to-day priorities evolve around our customer needs.

Let the Best Idea Win

In a room full of smart, opinionated people we want the best idea to win. What’s the point of hiring smart people otherwise? That means active listening, being open to ideas from others, and putting aside your ego so that the best idea can win.


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Our Projects

We build online SaaS applications that are used by millions of users all over the world. Built with security and scalability in mind, our apps now process close to 1 million user files every day. We have won the hearts and minds of our users with our relentless pursuit of simplicity, testing, and continuous improvement.

At TransMedia, we are a close-knit family

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Software development

We use Agile

We use Agile principals to help us constantly improve our apps and to maintain a dynamic engineering culture which can respond to ever-changing market forces.


We encourage automation to get repetitive engineering work out of the way and to enable individuals focus on discovering new avenues of knowledge and skills.


We have instilled a culture where everyone can learn from each other while also getting guidance from experienced engineering leads.



Our engineers are encouraged to venture into new territory to expand their knowledge. As a team, they posses a potent mix of skills which helps build software that our customers love.


We constantly look back on our products and processes and find ways to get better at all the aspects of our engineering culture.

Available Position

Graphic Designer - Full Time

Design visually appealing UI elements (SVGs, stickers, photo frames, template cards) for social media, ensuring a clean and intuitive UX. Requirements include strong graphic design skills, creative problem-solving, and a deep understanding of design principles. Proficiency in Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop is essential. Strong English communication skills are a must.

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Available Position

Software Engineer (Node.js)

If you have more than 2 years of experience developing in NodeJs along with any of the supporting technologies such as Rest APIs, Typescript, and MongoDB you can apply here. Having a keen grasp of underlying technology principals of performance-intensive software development is an added advantage.

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Available Position

QA Engineer (Automation)

We are looking for QA Automation Engineer, who has more than 2 years of professional experience and good knowledge of developing automation scripts to test the UI and Rest API using Cypress or Selenium and Postman/Jest/RestAssured. Your primary focus will be to design and execute test cases (manual & Automation), analyze results, and report bugs and errors to the development team.

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